February 22nd 2023

Festival of Genomics 2023: A DNA adventure

On 25 and 26 January 2023, we had the opportunity to participate in the Festival of Genomics in London. Genomics is rapidly growing, transforming how we understand the world, leading to exciting discoveries and advancements in surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment beyond human health. The Festival of Genomics has been a celebration of this exciting field and an excellent opportunity to explore the latest developments.

The two-day event brought together scientists, researchers, clinicians, and thought leaders to discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations in genomics.

The festival’s highlights were the panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and collaborate on new initiatives. We have proudly showcased our tools and shared our plans for the future.

GPAS marketing material for the Festival Genomics is accessible here. 

The Gallery: