GPAS makes near real-time pathogen sequencing analysis available to all.

The platform supports:

National/Regional Public Health Agencies

The GPAS platform is a powerful tool for public health agencies across the world, providing data to aid with the quick identification of health challenges.

Local Healthcare

The rapid data analysis delivered by GPAS supports local healthcare agencies to react early with on-the-ground intervention as local outbreaks are identified.

Therapeutic and drug treatment options can also be informed on a same-day basis which can improve healthcare outcomes for patients.

Academic Institutions

A collaboration between multiple universities and academic institutes, the scope of GPAS will continue to grow with the addition of new partners. This will increase capacity for sharing data between countries and establishments, and enable identification of similar pathogen strains.

Further, it provides global researchers with powerful connections for ongoing collaborative research in epidemiology, therapeutics and diagnostics of multiple pathogens. Research is vital to inform the better management and treatment of disease, especially emerging viruses.